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Eagle Springs!


Discover the Window To Your Future

Eagle Springs offers independent residential living on our beautiful, quiet and peaceful facility built on a nearly 6-acre landscape.

Our community ranks among the area's best in terms of services, affordability, convenience and our commitment to ongoing development and expansion to ensure residents will continue to live better, well into the future.

At Eagle Springs, we offer staff, amenities and activities to complement and support your new lifestyle where you can balance privacy and peace of mind with being social to your heart's content. Best of all, you have the assurance of knowing you've made the right move for a healthy lifetime.

We are conveniently located off US 23 in Dundee, Michigan between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio behind the retail store Cabelas.

Our facility is in a country-like setting but is near all the convenient facilities that have sprung up in Dundee since the arrival of retailer Cabelas. We are amidst a wealth of nearby entertainment, recreation, shopping and dining.

Please note our entire facility is smoke free. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Our Location

Located just off US 23 in Dundee, Michigan, we can be easily reached from anywhere in the Greater Toledo MSA as well as Ann Arbor and nearby cities in Monroe County.

Dundee itself has seen a boom in new commercial and residential development in the last 5 years nearby to Eagle Springs. While the new development offers many convenient services for our residents, it is far enough removed not to be intrusive. In fact, the property is well set back and buffered from the commercial activity going on nearby.

Our facility

Our facility was built in 2003 with high quality construction materials. Finishes in apartments and common areas are an obvious reflection of that.

The facility is a one story structure. The spacious apartments each have an entrance onto the central hallway which runs from one end of the building to the other. Each unit also has an entrance to the outside, either to the parking area at the front of the building or to a patio facing an open field and woods at the back of the building.

We are pet friendly community with certain restrictions. The entire facility is handicap accessible. Each unit has its own heating and central air conditioning system.